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D.C. LOGISTICS - Bulk Liquid Transportation 

Hauling Non-Hazardous Materials Safely since 2003

Photo Gallery

DC 2014 DC 2014 We run Peterbilt 195271441 Our Driver are spoiled! 195271442 PRIDE! 195271443 CLEAN! 195271444 Most Interesting truck in the world I don't always haul Palletized goods, but when I do, Its hazardous! Disclaimer: just joke, we haul non- haz too. 195271445 Welcome Boy Blue to Family! 195285804 Welcome Mr. Clean to Family! 195285805 TANKS! 195285806 Such a nice profile! 195285807 Get Dirty! See us at you next construction site 195608498 Big Blue We deliver to customers tanks out in the fields. Yes Our trucks off road! 195661322 Convoy 195661740 Now thats Service 195679138 SAFETY FIRST 196333271 196333272 GOOD MORNING BEAUTIFUL CAPTURE BY OUR DRIVER, THEY GET TO SEE SOME AMAZING VIEWS OF THE USA ROAD TRIPPIN 199875482 ON THE ROAD ARE YOU PROUD OF YOUR SHADOW? 199875483 CHAINED UP WE ARE NOT AFRAID TO CHAIN UP. 199875619