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D.C.'s fleet started with just the iconic yellow Peterbuilt that you see in all our ads. D.C. is continuously adding on other good looking tractors, as we do like to look good going down the highway. Our tankers are all compliant with DOT rules and regulations, in which we employ B & B Tank and Trailer Repair for all maintenance and inspections on trailers to keep them up to code. We have two of each DOT 307, 407, and 412 MC tankers that are authorized for the transportation of hazardous materials.

“Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR) (49 CFR 171–180). Specification DOT 407 and DOT 412 cargo tanks are authorized to transport numerous hazardous materials including flammable liquids (e.g., toluene), poisonous liquids, (e.g., pesticides), corrosive liquids (e.g., sulfuric acid), and others. Due to the risk of transporting these types of materials in bulk, the DOT 407 and DOT 412 cargo tank specifications require these tanks to be protected from damage during rear-end or rollover accidents. Requirements concerning the size and strength of these accident damage protection devices are set forth in § 178.345–8” U.S. Department of Transportation.

DC Logistics is a Trucking company based in Southern California hauling bulk liquid in Tanker Trailers.

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